Israel believes that soldiers will replace robots
According to Israeli defense forces, robots will play a key role in armed conflict in the near future. They are investing more and more money in research into newer and
The official name of the new flag
After Samsung's assurances that the next flagship model of the Galaxy S family will be completely redesigned from the ground up with new design and materials, many have wondered whether
Wheelchair controlled by ear tag in language
The new method of wheelchair control can be a breakthrough for many paralyzed people. The movement of the tiny magnet in the "earring" on the tongue is enough to drive the
Spammers will taste their own weapons
Programmer Brian Weinreich has developed a tool that can be an effective weapon against spammers. The bot he creates is in discussion with him and he can pull her for a long time.

See how the spaceship ends
Inventories for the International Space Station are delivered via automated vehicles, the so-called. Automated Transfer Vehicles, sent by the European Space Agency. What happens to these vehicles
Capturing underwater movies is getting easier
Tourists resting in exotic resorts, very often give up diving passion. Many would like to capture submarine views on video, but underwater recording requires specialized and
Wide recorder for corporate vehicle fleets
Many drivers can not imagine driving around the country without a rearviewer behind the windscreen, recording traffic violations from other road users, and providing evidence
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The British form a weapon against unmanned people

Military engineers first developed drones, and then they understood that the opponent might also have such tools, so it is good to have equipment that will allow them to defend themselves. Three British companies are working on the Auds program, which is intended to be a very effective weapon against unmanned vehicles.

Auds (Anti-UAV Defense System) is a defense system designed specifically to combat drones, which can pose a great danger to soldiers and their equipment. It is not a weapon based on missiles or rockets, but on communication distortion. The system is equipped with powerful transmitters that disrupt communication between the dron and the control panel and thus deprive the operator of the machine control.

Auds detects unmanned vehicles with a built-in camera with the ability to record a thermal trace, and then sends a strong signal to them in order to disrupt the signal.…

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New regulations for smart weapons

Federal authorities have developed guidelines that will regulate the issue of smart weapons for law enforcement. These are systems that will make firearms owned by officers available to authorized users only after they have been identified.

Sometimes it happens that, as a result of the struggle, the offender will take the policeman’s gun and use it against him. The US government wants to prevent such situations, so many companies are working on so-called. Intelligent weapon equipped with appropriate systems that will prevent unauthorized use of it. Of course, in order to be able to function, the rules governing such weapons must first be drafted, and the federal government has just published a proposal for new legislation that is now under public scrutiny, and in the autumn there will be a vote on their adoption.

Intelligent weapons are one that has been protected against unauthorized use with a variety of technologies. In other words, only the user who is properly identified can shoot it. This technology is to be an integral component of any gun, but it can also work with external devices such as rings, bands, or tokens that will be used to identify the user. The system must prevent the gun from firing until the owner has authorized it, but can not in any way limit the functionality of the gun, or extend the time it takes to get out of the holster and shoot.

It must also not interfere with other devices and inform the user that the weapon is ready to fire. If the battery is used, it should inform the owner of the low power state and also allow for easy battery replacement. It must also be designed in such a way that, in the event of a failure, it allows shooting, and easy reset or dismantling.…

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NASA crashed the ship on the moon

The mission of the LADEE (Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer) mission, sent to further explore the natural satellite of our planet, ended with the Moon’s surface malfunctioning.

LADEE was launched in September last year, and the purpose of this project was to gather information about the dust surrounding the Moon and its atmosphere. The main goal was accomplished at 100 percent, the vehicle spent 100 days in orbit providing scientists with a myriad of data. After completing the mission and depletion of the vehicle’s fuel, it was sent to the Moon’s surface at a speed of about 5,000 km / h and it definitely ended its life.

The detailed information provided to the scientists through this mission will allow them not only to get to know the moon much better, but also to better understand similar celestial bodies such as asteroids and moons that surround other planets.…

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The official name of the new flag

After Samsung’s assurances that the next flagship model of the Galaxy S family will be completely redesigned from the ground up with new design and materials, many have wondered whether the company wants to cut off the existing naming. However, the company will not choose this step, so the official name of the new model will be the Galaxy S6.

Samsung has for years been criticized for the lackluster styling of its smartphones, which even in the case of flagship models left much to be desired. The new Galaxy A family is the first to announce a change in the looks of its mobile devices, but this will not stop.

Modifications are also awaiting the next flagship model of the Galaxy S family, as promised by the manufacturer, will be designed entirely from scratch. So we can expect much better appearance and materials used.

So far, the product was known under the working name of Project Zero, so it could be assumed that since the Korean giant is cut off from the old styling, it will also do the same with naming. However, it was considered that too much money was put into the Galaxy S brand, so now it’s all over. That’s why the official name of the new model is the Galaxy S6.

We also found out that in addition to the standard model Galaxy S6, Samsung is also planning a variant of the Galaxy S6 Edge, which similar to the Galaxy Note Edge will receive a curved display. Such a design is still new, so it is expected that this model will hit the market in a fairly limited number of copies.…

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Chicago not available for autos?

Not all American cities, with open arms, take autonomous vehicles. Chicago councilors have made a proposal to ban the use of such cars in the streets of the city. The new proposal can undoubtedly hit Ubera who has this kind of technology.

Many American cities are eager to test autonomous vehicles as they know that this is connected with the construction of development centers and new jobs. Not all cities are, however, positively oriented to the new automotive technology.

Shortly after Uber announced the launch of an autonomous taxi test on the streets of Pittsburgh, two councilors from Chicago proposed to completely ban testing of such vehicles on the streets of their city. The ban, if implemented, would hit the Uber first, preventing him from doing business. The company wants to introduce such cars to its service in the near future.…

Starbucks for cell users

The Starbucks Coffee Shop is testing another idea to make it easier to buy coffee. In Seattle, a new facility was launched in which only mobile orders were made.

Starbucks is continually expanding its services, refining the customer service of its cafes. In 2015, the company launched a mobile ordering system that allows you to buy coffee using a special smartphone application. At that time, the concept was not fully understood, because it turned out that the system was very popular with customers of the network. They knew of them because they placed orders through the application, and then received them at the premises. This makes the premises no longer store customers, and it is not good for business, as it may imply lack of customers.

Starbucks decided to run a coffee shop solely for the purpose of receiving orders submitted through the application. The place has a completely different decor than the standard cafes, and through the large windows, you can see how the bari prepare orders.…

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Huawei announced his own VR goggles

The Huawei Chinese company has entered a new virtual reality hardware market for itself. The company has just announced its own VR goggles that will allow it to compete with portfolios of customers with products such as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Samsung Gear VR.

Virtual reality technology will be a key entertainment industry in a few years, so many companies are already preparing equipment that consumers will use in the future to enter the digital world. There have been several devices, including the Oculus Rift, the PlayStation VR, and the HTC Vive, but soon there will be a lot more, and another Huawei product is coming to us.

The Chinese company announced that its kit will be the first VR device to offer the user a full 360 degree sound. It will also have adjustable lenses, a touch panel for function control, volume control buttons and navigable menus. However, the displays will only display the image in Full HD, which is lower resolution than competing products.

The manufacturer has not revealed for the time being how much its kit will cost, or when it will appear on sale. It is known, however, that it will be available this year.…

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PCs play 711 million people?

It is said that consoles dominate the video game market and, as GTA 5 shows, publishers favor the owners of this device, disregarding PC users. In the meantime, it is a bad policy, as claimed by Intel, worldwide as many as 711 million people play on personal computers.

Such information was from Kirk Skaugen, one of the employees of a well-known processor manufacturer, speaking at the Intel Developer Forum, where he presented new Haswell-based layouts. In his opinion, currently the number of people playing computer games on their PCs is currently around 711 million. It would be roughly every tenth inhabitant of our planet.

It is not known where Skaugen took such statistics, because he did not provide a source to verify these revelations. Therefore, you can doubt their truthfulness. The more likely it is that they have been heavily inflated, because although the PCs are selling quite a lot each year, most of them are purchased for work, not fun.…

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Capturing underwater movies is getting easier

Tourists resting in exotic resorts, very often give up diving passion. Many would like to capture submarine views on video, but underwater recording requires specialized and very expensive equipment.

Unless we take advantage of Liquid Image’s offer, which at CES 2014 presented its latest product, Hydra. This is a diving mask equipped with a built-in video camera.

The stand shows two models, differing in the quality of the film being filmed: the first one featuring a 5 megapixel camera captures 720p and the second with a 12 megapixel camera already offers FullHD resolution and shoots at 60 frames per second.

The mask is designed so that the operation of the camera is intuitive and can be done even with gloves. An additional advantage of the device is the LED backlight inside the mask, which tells us the light mode of operation of the device, indicating whether the shooting mode or movie recording mode is activated. Optionally, you can also install an additional lamp if the lighting conditions are not sufficient.…

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A friend asks to buy something online? Do not be fooled

A good friend on Facebook asks you to buy an item at auction? You better think about it.

Facebook’s gigantic community acts like a scam magnet, who probably never had an easier task in capturing people particularly vulnerable to societal tricks.

Can some one in the messenger communicate with someone to send hundreds of dollars? Of course.

A fresh example of such manipulation was shared by one of the site’s readers

Criminals, after gaining access to their Facebook account, probably spent some time specifying potential victims – close enough to be ready to bet hundreds of dollars without much suspicion.

As usual in this case, the person whose account was used by the criminals, most often informed by friends, finally learned the case.

It is only then she informs and apologizes to her friends. It’s also a good idea to have a technically savvy person check to see if your account has been compromised by malware infection.

Are you sure you would not be fooled? But before you start to criticize the credulity of the victim, remember that the scammers specializing in social engineering tricks spend most of their time choosing the “right”, vulnerable to a particular victim attack.

The only safeguard is a constant awareness of the dangers, so if you know such people, let them know.…

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