A friend asks to buy something online? Do not be fooled

A good friend on Facebook asks you to buy an item at auction? You better think about it.

Facebook’s gigantic community acts like a scam magnet, who probably never had an easier task in capturing people particularly vulnerable to societal tricks.

Can some one in the messenger communicate with someone to send hundreds of dollars? Of course.

A fresh example of such manipulation was shared by one of the site’s readers

Criminals, after gaining access to their Facebook account, probably spent some time specifying potential victims – close enough to be ready to bet hundreds of dollars without much suspicion.

As usual in this case, the person whose account was used by the criminals, most often informed by friends, finally learned the case.

It is only then she informs and apologizes to her friends. It’s also a good idea to have a technically savvy person check to see if your account has been compromised by malware infection.

Are you sure you would not be fooled? But before you start to criticize the credulity of the victim, remember that the scammers specializing in social engineering tricks spend most of their time choosing the “right”, vulnerable to a particular victim attack.

The only safeguard is a constant awareness of the dangers, so if you know such people, let them know.

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