NASA crashed the ship on the moon

The mission of the LADEE (Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer) mission, sent to further explore the natural satellite of our planet, ended with the Moon’s surface malfunctioning.

LADEE was launched in September last year, and the purpose of this project was to gather information about the dust surrounding the Moon and its atmosphere. The main goal was accomplished at 100 percent, the vehicle spent 100 days in orbit providing scientists with a myriad of data. After completing the mission and depletion of the vehicle’s fuel, it was sent to the Moon’s surface at a speed of about 5,000 km / h and it definitely ended its life.

The detailed information provided to the scientists through this mission will allow them not only to get to know the moon much better, but also to better understand similar celestial bodies such as asteroids and moons that surround other planets.

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