New regulations for smart weapons

Federal authorities have developed guidelines that will regulate the issue of smart weapons for law enforcement. These are systems that will make firearms owned by officers available to authorized users only after they have been identified.

Sometimes it happens that, as a result of the struggle, the offender will take the policeman’s gun and use it against him. The US government wants to prevent such situations, so many companies are working on so-called. Intelligent weapon equipped with appropriate systems that will prevent unauthorized use of it. Of course, in order to be able to function, the rules governing such weapons must first be drafted, and the federal government has just published a proposal for new legislation that is now under public scrutiny, and in the autumn there will be a vote on their adoption.

Intelligent weapons are one that has been protected against unauthorized use with a variety of technologies. In other words, only the user who is properly identified can shoot it. This technology is to be an integral component of any gun, but it can also work with external devices such as rings, bands, or tokens that will be used to identify the user. The system must prevent the gun from firing until the owner has authorized it, but can not in any way limit the functionality of the gun, or extend the time it takes to get out of the holster and shoot.

It must also not interfere with other devices and inform the user that the weapon is ready to fire. If the battery is used, it should inform the owner of the low power state and also allow for easy battery replacement. It must also be designed in such a way that, in the event of a failure, it allows shooting, and easy reset or dismantling.

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