PCs play 711 million people?

It is said that consoles dominate the video game market and, as GTA 5 shows, publishers favor the owners of this device, disregarding PC users. In the meantime, it is a bad policy, as claimed by Intel, worldwide as many as 711 million people play on personal computers.

Such information was from Kirk Skaugen, one of the employees of a well-known processor manufacturer, speaking at the Intel Developer Forum, where he presented new Haswell-based layouts. In his opinion, currently the number of people playing computer games on their PCs is currently around 711 million. It would be roughly every tenth inhabitant of our planet.

It is not known where Skaugen took such statistics, because he did not provide a source to verify these revelations. Therefore, you can doubt their truthfulness. The more likely it is that they have been heavily inflated, because although the PCs are selling quite a lot each year, most of them are purchased for work, not fun.

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