See how the spaceship ends

Inventories for the International Space Station are delivered via automated vehicles, the so-called. Automated Transfer Vehicles, sent by the European Space Agency. What happens to these vehicles when they end their lives? Have a look.

Albert Einstein ATV-4 is the fourth unmanned spacecraft to deliver supplies to the ISS. It was launched in June of this year, and it was launched into space rocket Ariane 5. The bus-size vehicle has delivered a record load of more than 2.5 tonnes to the station, consisting of over 1400 items, from clothing to 3D space-shipped gadgets.

After discharging ATV-4 he took the waste from the station’s deck and was directed towards the Earth to fall into the Pacific. The following video, a combination of animation and photos taken by astronauts on the ISS, shows how the vehicle breaks down as it enters the terrestrial atmosphere, ending its life.

Another ATV shuttle, named Georges Lemaître, will be launched in June next year.

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