Starbucks for cell users

The Starbucks Coffee Shop is testing another idea to make it easier to buy coffee. In Seattle, a new facility was launched in which only mobile orders were made.

Starbucks is continually expanding its services, refining the customer service of its cafes. In 2015, the company launched a mobile ordering system that allows you to buy coffee using a special smartphone application. At that time, the concept was not fully understood, because it turned out that the system was very popular with customers of the network. They knew of them because they placed orders through the application, and then received them at the premises. This makes the premises no longer store customers, and it is not good for business, as it may imply lack of customers.

Starbucks decided to run a coffee shop solely for the purpose of receiving orders submitted through the application. The place has a completely different decor than the standard cafes, and through the large windows, you can see how the bari prepare orders.

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