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Wide recorder for corporate vehicle fleets

Many drivers can not imagine driving around the country without a rearviewer behind the windscreen, recording traffic violations from other road users, and providing evidence of a possible collision. A similar system, designed specifically for corporate fleets, is Axon Fleet.

Axon Fleet is Taser International’s newest video recorder, which specializes in designing equipment for uniformed services and security personnel. Its next product is aimed at companies with fleet of vehicles, often on long distances, who want to have a tool to easily locate the culprit in the event of a possible collision and to control the employee and check whether it uses a business car for private purposes.

The system consists of several cameras, mounted on the windscreen and in the rear seat area, which also record the image from the inside of the vehicle, thus providing a more complete picture of the situation.

The product uses Axon Signal technology, which enables the system to be automatically activated in critical situations. And thanks to the built-in WiFi, it allows you to continually use the computing power available in the cloud.

Axon Fleet is compact, has a wide-angle lens and records HD video. The rear camera also has a 2-minute buffer that preserves material from the event, making it easier to determine its cause. The system also has a wireless activation option, and the manufacturer ensures that software updates are available every 30 days.

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