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Israel believes that soldiers will replace robots

According to Israeli defense forces, robots will play a key role in armed conflict in the near future. They are investing more and more money in research into newer and even more advanced types of machinery that will soon be able to replace soldiers.

Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) has been using unmanned vehicles for a few years, the most popular of which is the Guardium, a machine manufactured by G-NIUS Autonomous Unmanned Ground Vehicles. The device, which has been patrolling the Gaza Strip for six years, has been aging for some time. That is why this year will be replaced by a new model.

The machine called Border Patroller is a work of G-NIUS Autonomous Unmanned Ground Vehicles and was created in collaboration with Elbit Systems and Israel Aerospace Industries. The new equipment was built based on the powerful Ford F-350 Super Duty Truck, which was rebuilt to a remotely controlled military vehicle.

Border Patroller has a complete set of sensors for scouting missions, and as an accessory you can install a remotely controlled weapon system. Compared to the predecessor, the communication system as well as the control system has also been improved, so that it will be more responsive to the instructions given to it.

According to Major Lior Tarbelsii, Head of Ground Forces, future equipment of this type will play a key role in the battlefield, supporting infantry and engineering units. The sensors will be able to detect improvised explosive charges and tunnels in which terrorists can hide. In addition, nothing will limit visibility, as vision systems will be able to switch to infrared or thermal imaging.

The Israeli army plans to bring in more and more such machines. Another project is a robot named Loyal Partner, equipped with high-impact weaponry and a drive capable of dealing with field obstacles, will provide infantry protection. He will also go to places filled with explosives and where the enemy can ambush. The robot will already be partially autonomous and software will allow him to calculate the best route and avoid obstacles. Maintenance will still be handled by the operator.

The machine will be in service in the next few years.

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