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Spammers will taste their own weapons

Programmer Brian Weinreich has developed a tool that can be an effective weapon against spammers. The bot he creates is in discussion with him and he can pull her for a long time.

Nobody likes spamming our email inbox. Although there are ever more advanced filters eliminating such junk messages, spammers are becoming more and more creative in this area and are hard to get rid of.

Brian Weinreich also had this problem, so he started working on a bot two years ago to respond to spam and engage in discussions with people who send him off. Of course, it would be much easier to ignore this spam, but the bot’s intent was for spammers to lose time by running an automated conversation.

Its tool can respond to received emails and does it quite smoothly. Although it is not always 100 percent. Effective but in most cases his answers are coherent and can be confused with man. Bot primarily negotiates the price of the product he advertises, which of course encourages the spammer to discuss.

The bot author has placed his source code on GitHub so everyone can use it and improve it. And if you want to see sample interviews, I invite you here.

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