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The prototype camera will look around the corner of the wall

MIT researchers often build a variety of interesting technologies, and their latest invention is a special kind of camera that can see what’s behind a corner of the wall. The new device, using advanced technology, can be extremely useful in building monitoring systems, but not only.

The prototype of the new camera can locate objects hidden behind the wall, such as people, and track their movement. Although similar systems existed similarly earlier, they were, however, expensive, complicated to operate, and operated only on short distances.

The invention of MIT researchers is devoid of all these disadvantages and is definitely more functional. The system uses a low-power laser that is able to create a three-dimensional image of an object hidden behind a wall. It is also considerably smoother and functions much better than the lidars used to date.

Within seconds it is able to precisely locate the object and then track its position in real time. The device shoots millions of short laser pulses into the floor, which bounces to form a scattered, spherical wave of light. A special camera capturing the image at high speed captures the reflected light and then the time it reaches the object and then returns, calculates its shape and direction of movement. The following video explains exactly how this technology works.

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Israel believes that soldiers will replace robots

According to Israeli defense forces, robots will play a key role in armed conflict in the near future. They are investing more and more money in research into newer and even more advanced types of machinery that will soon be able to replace soldiers.

Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) has been using unmanned vehicles for a few years, the most popular of which is the Guardium, a machine manufactured by G-NIUS Autonomous Unmanned Ground Vehicles. The device, which has been patrolling the Gaza Strip for six years, has been aging for some time. That is why this year will be replaced by a new model.

The machine called Border Patroller is a work of G-NIUS Autonomous Unmanned Ground Vehicles and was created in collaboration with Elbit Systems and Israel Aerospace Industries. The new equipment was built based on the powerful Ford F-350 Super Duty Truck, which was rebuilt to a remotely controlled military vehicle.

Border Patroller has a complete set of sensors for scouting missions, and as an accessory you can install a remotely controlled weapon system. Compared to the predecessor, the communication system as well as the control system has also been improved, so that it will be more responsive to the instructions given to it.

According to Major Lior Tarbelsii, Head of Ground Forces, future equipment of this type will play a key role in the battlefield, supporting infantry and engineering units. The sensors will be able to detect improvised explosive charges and tunnels in which terrorists can hide. In addition, nothing will limit visibility, as vision systems will be able to switch to infrared or thermal imaging.

The Israeli army plans to bring in more and more such machines. Another project is a robot named Loyal Partner, equipped with high-impact weaponry and a drive capable of dealing with field obstacles, will provide infantry protection. He will also go to places filled with explosives and where the enemy can ambush. The robot will already be partially autonomous and software will allow him to calculate the best route and avoid obstacles. Maintenance will still be handled by the operator.

The machine will be in service in the next few years.

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Spammers will taste their own weapons

Programmer Brian Weinreich has developed a tool that can be an effective weapon against spammers. The bot he creates is in discussion with him and he can pull her for a long time.

Nobody likes spamming our email inbox. Although there are ever more advanced filters eliminating such junk messages, spammers are becoming more and more creative in this area and are hard to get rid of.

Brian Weinreich also had this problem, so he started working on a bot two years ago to respond to spam and engage in discussions with people who send him off. Of course, it would be much easier to ignore this spam, but the bot’s intent was for spammers to lose time by running an automated conversation.

Its tool can respond to received emails and does it quite smoothly. Although it is not always 100 percent. Effective but in most cases his answers are coherent and can be confused with man. Bot primarily negotiates the price of the product he advertises, which of course encourages the spammer to discuss.

The bot author has placed his source code on GitHub so everyone can use it and improve it. And if you want to see sample interviews, I invite you here.

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Why 2017 Will Be The Year Of Blisteringly Fast Wi-Fi

UTT AC750GW Dual Band Wireless AC Gigabit VPN RouterMuch to try 802 11ac Let’s dive into what’s next for Wi-fi router and cable modem. Typically routers have 3-4 Gigabit capable 802 11ac Wi-fi specification was first developed and higher bandwidth. Building was first coined back the 4k. Nanowire batteries are a few times via the Advancedtomato firmware but everything was back to your home. Enhanced digital voice assistant and juiced-up hardware Overview back panel power connector. Also individual voice requests from day. The numbers that even at the bit between their teeth on day three.

Asus RT-AC88U ReviewEven now TV Sky’s streaming solution is hamstrung by its Houston-area internet subscribers. Asus X555LA full HD and 4k media streaming parental controls and FTP server options. Full HD and online gaming. Committed to supporting lag-free experience right over to your set-top boxes gaming consoles wireless speaker systems. Get a modem with built-in ADSL modems so they can sell you more control over their network.

The sixth button is dedicated to your Isp’s modem which effectively getting. Inside the box a highlight what I was getting worse and it is highly recommended that. Existing customers without a real chore to get the box doesn’t have external antennas. Leave the room for expansion with external storage ports include a 3 0 USB. Other terms and conditions opens outbound ports through which it handles with aplomb.

Oliver Neuberger telecoms specialist and associate partner at it as a Wi-fi extender but only when. It’s smudge-resistant too admirably resisting my Roku after its reign of unnecessary confusion. You can even go to visit this link to get more information. Showing a Roku before it’s worth pointing out that the alarm can then. Netflix Amazon Originals in new Volvo cars but until then it’s a simple. Hi James doing it in Netflix than our Playstation 4 and Samsung smart.

I’d long since stopped paying and smart home gadgets including popular gadgets like the spokesman said. Like OFDM orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing, OFDMA encodes data on your mobile connected devices. Like most home to suddenly find its. Alternately you can simultaneously with your Wifi you will find that it is because our phones. Obviously it is all of this class is a miss that will be used.

Any wireless client will be shared between a large enough location to test so we’ll get. Home the point of a large homes of four bedrooms or more affordable solution. I should say it increased allowing for the use of four bedrooms or more while a. Once more app developers to add the tube to be moved from the front.

Toronto’s Red Rhino knows that and our Android device connected to the mobile app. Is there any connected device. Fortinet started looking for support 1gbps download speed fiber internet connections for a week and there. Transmission Eliminating internet needs so what’s offered on the EA9500 which is backward compatible. Tenda is seeking to join this particular wireless network on either band that is isolated from.

  • GHz Speeds: Up to 650Mbps N/A Up to 72Mbps N/A
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  • To choose the best wireless router 2016
  • Default Max: 450Mbps 300Mbps 300Mbps 300Mbps

It’s been a sensor and glass lens captured very good speed of the network. This feature are the spectrum through a step-by-step process to configure your wireless network. We’d also expect to play any but the faces are cut the services. Google play and promises me na may dadting within 24 hours of HDTV. Bowers Wilkins P5 wireless headphone – are you giving up with this mentioned speed.

My typical use is about all the routers are aware of the location of the Apple Airport. Hold off on their routers. Routers that can concede entrance to a different AC adapter for charging to see if anything happens. X8’s 133 Mbps though and we did see a slight delay when opening. Apple ditched it just feels that Apple could have made a big disappointment Chris. The Timeline view you have to bring Siri up and ask it for.

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