The official name of the new flag

After Samsung’s assurances that the next flagship model of the Galaxy S family will be completely redesigned from the ground up with new design and materials, many have wondered whether the company wants to cut off the existing naming. However, the company will not choose this step, so the official name of the new model will be the Galaxy S6.

Samsung has for years been criticized for the lackluster styling of its smartphones, which even in the case of flagship models left much to be desired. The new Galaxy A family is the first to announce a change in the looks of its mobile devices, but this will not stop.

Modifications are also awaiting the next flagship model of the Galaxy S family, as promised by the manufacturer, will be designed entirely from scratch. So we can expect much better appearance and materials used.

So far, the product was known under the working name of Project Zero, so it could be assumed that since the Korean giant is cut off from the old styling, it will also do the same with naming. However, it was considered that too much money was put into the Galaxy S brand, so now it’s all over. That’s why the official name of the new model is the Galaxy S6.

We also found out that in addition to the standard model Galaxy S6, Samsung is also planning a variant of the Galaxy S6 Edge, which similar to the Galaxy Note Edge will receive a curved display. Such a design is still new, so it is expected that this model will hit the market in a fairly limited number of copies.

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