The prototype camera will look around the corner of the wall

MIT researchers often build a variety of interesting technologies, and their latest invention is a special kind of camera that can see what’s behind a corner of the wall. The new device, using advanced technology, can be extremely useful in building monitoring systems, but not only.

The prototype of the new camera can locate objects hidden behind the wall, such as people, and track their movement. Although similar systems existed similarly earlier, they were, however, expensive, complicated to operate, and operated only on short distances.

The invention of MIT researchers is devoid of all these disadvantages and is definitely more functional. The system uses a low-power laser that is able to create a three-dimensional image of an object hidden behind a wall. It is also considerably smoother and functions much better than the lidars used to date.

Within seconds it is able to precisely locate the object and then track its position in real time. The device shoots millions of short laser pulses into the floor, which bounces to form a scattered, spherical wave of light. A special camera capturing the image at high speed captures the reflected light and then the time it reaches the object and then returns, calculates its shape and direction of movement. The following video explains exactly how this technology works.

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